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     The Cordell Academic Foundation is based on the principle that as the education of children and youth of a community are enhanced, the quality of life for all citizens is made better. The Foundation’s philosophy is that as resources are made available, the educational opportunities for students are enriched. With the benefit of additional funding from donations made through the foundation, academic experiences can be provided that might otherwise be unattainable within the confines of the regular school budget.

     All kinds of programs are funded through the Foundation: from special classroom projects in science to guest speakers in social studies; from academic fairs to innovative programs in mathematics.

     The possibilities are endless. Won’t you contribute today?


C logo.gif (1838 bytes) How can you help?
When you make a contribution, a percentage of the money joins the existing education endowment fund and the remainder is used to help fund educational projects during the current year. Interest from the endowment fund is also used for grants to teachers, which are made annually to maintain the commitment to excellence present in Cordell Public Schools.

High levels of student achievement will be fostered through enrichment programs and activities.

Teachers will be empowered to express their creativity through innovative teaching techniques.
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